Jay Kay Sportswear

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Who are we:

We are a joint venture enterprise between three Sri Lankan business houses and an offshore based company specializing in the manufacture of readymade and specialist sportswear.

Jay Kay Sportswear, initially established under the two hundred Garment Factories Program inaugurated by the government of Sri Lanka in the year 1989 with a total workforce of  150 employees, underwent several changes over the years. Passing onto several new ownerships, brand strategies and specializations we evolved into a specialist sportswear manufacturer.  We presently manufacture branded and non-branded ladies, gents and children’s garments for various applications but we specialize in the sportswear market.

Our Product Development specialists in conjunction with overseas principals have developed specialist garments for various types of sporting applications. Some of our sportswear items are produced with international brand names and we ensure that strict quality standards are maintained throughout.

We have over 1000 employees at two separate locations in Sri Lanka. Human Resources Strategies play a key role in the development of textile enterprises, on a day-to-day basis and in the longer term and we have optimized our strategies to ensure that we have a pool of key personnel who are available with us at all times to ensure that we are able to process all of our clients requests with the minimum of delay and are able to keep to tight deadlines.

We ensure that ethical work/labor practices are maintained at all our work centers and we ensure that ethically accepted guidelines are adhered to, at all times.  .

Our client base extends from local sports clubs to International Buying Officers purchasing for international retailers. Our specialists are able to handle all design requests, carry out any testing required and develop an item of clothing to ensure it meets with the client’s approval. We are also able to manufacture any item of clothing according to strict client guidelines.

Some of our prestigious clients include,

 Mango (Spain)

 Teddy Italy

Asmara International-Sri Lanka

DMAXX- Sri Lanka

Winterquilts-Sri Lanka

Prelude Fashion Garments